About us

LEGEND CARGO LOGISTICS’s has grown to become a reliable logistics provider, consistent, and dedicated in offering its broad diversity of services and has progressed as one of the Leading International Freight Forwarders in Vietnam.


We have non-stopped effort to get successfully progressed from the beginning to renowned nationwide and worldwide reputation.
Alex Nguyen
Founder at Legendcargo Logistics

Our Goal

Speedy, Simple and Safe transportation for valued customers’ is our goal






Our purpose is to act as an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build, maximize and sustain their competitive advantages. We make it happen by helping them get their products to marketplace quickly, efficiently, and safely. In addition, our expert team will bring the best logistics solution with optimization and responsibility. Our clients can rest assured that every project will be handled by integrity, speed and respect. It is also the fundamental principles of our business.



Our mission is to deliver an optimized, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offer them an exceptional value in the marketplace. Setting the high standard for professionalism in the logistics solution that we provide. Our business model is designed to operate profit for both our customers our employees which we also promote a safe and secure workplace environment.



Good Relationship is the heart of all success. We understand how important it is which we want to maintain and develop strong, meaningful and covered all areas in our business model, from our employees to our customers, our partnerts, and our agencies.
Our company is growing and we’re proud of it…By minimize many layers in the organizational structure and bureaucracy. We promise to develop the fastest and the most effective communication in our organization.
We take pride in knowing that we’re a driving force and we make a positive impact in customer success.
Trust is everything, and we know how precious and how potentially fragile it is. As a result, every action we take is geared towards building and strengthening the trust our clients put in us. That means we will offer client-centric service, and never failed to deliver our promises. We believe the best way to maintain our clients’ trust is to exceed their expectations in every single project.

We have focused on the USA/Canada market for many years so we are really confident to handle smoothly any shipments from/to the USA.

With many associations and agencies in America, Canada, Europe, and Asia support, LEGEND CARGO operates with hand-picked affiliates who are experts in their field and their own local markets.

Our philosophy is to provide personalized and high quality freight services to our corporate and individual customers worldwide.
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